There is Another Way: Community-Led Housing

Participate to innovate – collaborate to build affordable homes

The Surrey Community Housing Partnership Regional enabling hub 

Community Led Homes: Homepage National support site


Local housing, community living: prospects for scaling up and scaling out community-led housing Smith Institute 2016

Learning from Open-House, Oxford March 2020

Spotlight on: PEACH and the E16 community land trust  Newnham, London

Community-Led Housing models – diverse and flexible across all life-stages


What is cohousing?

About Cohousing

About Cohousing


Community Land Trusts (CLTs)

About CLTs

Community Land Trusts: creating more sustainable communities


Co-operative Housing

What is a housing co-operative?

Co-operative housing in England

Community Led Homes – CDS Co-operatives

UK MHOS – Mutual Home Ownership


Collaborative Self-build 

What is a community ‘self-build’ housing project?

New community guide to delivering custom and self build

Community-led Design and Development Technical Paper: Scoping your community-led self-build project

Models – Right to Build Toolkit  NaCSBA


Affordable for whom; accountable to whom – and what about community benefits?

Build Back Better – Rowan Mackay presentation

An innovative approach to Community-Led Housing by Rural Urban Synthesis Society – issuu

Defining and measuring housing affordability – an alternative approach

Creating Community-Led and Self-Build Homes – A Guide to Collaborative Practice in the UK, By Martin Field 2020 Martin Field


What comes first: land or group? – five stages of project development

What is Community Led Housing (CLH)  

Start Up Support Programme guidance (see Appendix 1)


Finding suitable property and land for community-led housing

Capturing the imagination and capturing land value

What if… land was available for affordable self-build homes in Farnham?

‘Pop Up Tomorrow’ (London): voices of those who were there

The Book – Rob Hopkins

Bridge Farm Bristol: Home

Self Build Homes

Wild Goose Space – Wild Goose Space


How could this happen? Right to Build and access to land

Right to Build Toolkit: Home Page

Right To Build: legislation and registers – Self Build Portal

Home page | NaCSBA – National Custom & Self Build Association

The House Planning Help Hub


Community Land Trusts (CLTs) and land value capture

What is a community land trust?

sharing the uplift in land values

Capturing increases in land value

Community Share Issues and Community Land Trusts

Community-led housing: the evolution of partnerships between CLTs and housing associations


Mutual Home Ownership Model and the role of a Housing Hub 

UK MHOS – Mutual Home Ownership

Learning from Open House: Oxford’s public talking shop on housing and homelessness

Let’s Co-organise – Home


Bypassing the market: securing a future for Generation Rent

Re-thinking home ownership: a new tenure model

Common Ground – Mutual Home Ownership

A consumer’s guide to Mutual Home Ownership – CDS Co-operatives

Mutual home ownership: A new route for permanently affordable communities A briefing paper

Bring Democracy Home


Community Housing is evolving: new role for CLTs

Reclaiming Rent, Reclaiming the Commons – Wessex Community Assets

Mutual Home Ownership Societies (MHOS): the next phase

Terrace 21

Affordable Housing « Bridport Cohousing CLT


Integrating CLT and MHOS: dividing land from buildings

YorSpace Factsheet.pdf

Business Plan


The Bypass builders: LILAC, Bunkers and YorSpace


LILAC – Low Impact Living Affordable Community


Bunkers self build housing coop

Bunker Self-Build Housing Co-op – Home


YorSpace: We’re bringing a fairer kind of housing to York.

West End Estate, Farnham: Memories of the Future

Surrey History Centre, Woking.



Get Involved and Join the Conversation

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