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Self-build can save up to 40% of construction costs and CLTs can capture land value for community benefit.

Start a conversation on our H4F Housing Hub and meet other people caught in the "affordability trap".

To kickstart the conversation we have created a Facebook Group page. Please post to share your experience of being forced out of the local housing market.

Here is the link to the Fb group page:

Call for volunteers to join the Steering Group.

Our project needs a range of skills and experience to come to fruition. If you have time, and find yourself attracted to the ethos and aims of Community-Led Housing, please consider helping us to make this project happen. Our first job will be to incorporate as a Community Land Trust (CLT) and we foresee roles in the following areas: governance; legal; accountancy; finance; project management; development control (planning); building design; housing legislation; quantity surveying; property development.

We are also looking for people with social media management skills and community organising skills.

If you feel you can contribute please email us at moc.liamg@mahnrafrofsemoh