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Homes for Farnham

a community-led housing initiative to build affordable homes in and around Farnham.

We are seeking alternative ways to meet the housing needs of local people which are becoming more acute as house prices soar.

Various groups within our community are affected, particularly the Millennial Generation, the upcoming Generation Z and, of course, lower income keyworkers.

Source: YorSpace CLT

Community-led housing can open up new approaches to providing housing solutions.

By setting up a not-for-profit Community Land Trust (CLT) local people can design housing that meets their needs. This process is the very opposite of developer-led housing; but, not only that, homes built by a CLT are maintained as a permanently affordable benefit to the local community. CLTs also allow favourable leverage in the purchase of land which is significant in terms of affordability.

This website is aiming to educate and raise awareness in the local community of the value that community-led housing models offer us and to encourage the creation of a local “community of interest” in Farnham that in due course can mandate the setting up of a Community Land Trust.

A third of all young people born in the 1980s and 90s will never own their own home

Resolution Foundation report 2018

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